This page is to highlight some of the great drumming happening in the Ottawa Community. Please support their efforts, and by all means Contact Us if you feel something should be added!

Kunundrum is an Ottawa area hand drumming group whose mandate is to bring the joy of drum music to community based and non-profit fundraising events. Contact them for more information

Yayé is a performance group based in Hull, Quebec who do entertaining and engaging shows of West African music and dance.

Baobab Tree is a community based organization in Ottawa, Ontario that brings people together through the music, drumming and culture of Ghana. Between classes for youth and adults, workshops with guest instructors, and truly dynamic performances, there is always something happening under the Baobab Tree!

Catherine Vielleux is an excellent drummer and teacher in Gatineau, Quebec. She teaches school programs in French and English, as well as group classes from her home.

Louis M’Bani is a native of Cameroon who shares his country's rich traditions with his group Percussimo.

Junkyard Symphony - what can I say. You just have to see it to believe it. Amazing show for kids and adults.

Mohamed Diarra is a first rate djembe fola from Guinea. He has performed with Basikolo, le Ballet Djoliba and Les Amazones, not to mention his own group Cobra du Mandingue. He gives lessons in drumming and dance.

Dr. Lee is a fabulous drummer, teacher and composer in the Ottawa area. He creatively mixes the djembe repertoire with everything from Thai Dancing to Electronica.