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Examples of one and two octave xylophones

Leo's first and deepest passion is for melodic percussion instruments. In fact, he began making Xylophones before making drums. Through the years these xylophones have evolved into very fine instruments for the classroom or the concert hall. The keys of these instruments are made from surprizingly sonorous Red Cedar.

These charming instruments have a bright clear tone and are a delight to play for young and old alike. The are precision tuned to A-440 at 20 degrees Celsius. All instruments are C major diatonic, but alternate keys and tunings are available by order. Custom sizes are also available (see gallery). The most common instrument available is two octave, (15 keys) All instruments come with one pair of double ended mallets. These mallets have wood one one end and rubber on the other. Click here to hear one of these instruments in action.

2 octave cedar xylophone - $300

Contact us for pricing and availability of one octave or custom built or tuned instruments.


Some of the First Xylophones Leo ever made.


Some Facts about Treefrog Percussion Xylophones:

• The keys of all Treefrog Percussion Xylophones are made from reclaimed red cedar - Old wood with tight grain from barns and telephone poles. The frames are made from pine and/or spruce.

• The keys and frames are finished with a minimum of three coats of durable clear varathane, both for beauty and protection and to reduce the effects of temperature and humidity on tuning.

• While the standard key for xylophones is C major, Leo has built diatonic xylophones in the key of C, F and G. He loves pentatonic tunings and will likely explore Pentatonic instruments in the future.

These photos give you some idea of how the look of the xylophones has evolved over the years.

Click on the photos to see the image full sized.