Treefrog Percussion's Anual
December Drum Sale - 2005

One of the goals of Treefrog Percussion has been to offer consumers a fine instrument made in Canada as opposed to imported from Africa or Indonesia. However, Leo has learned that each instrument has its place. When Leo started reconditioning foreign instruments to sell, it was with the intention not of increasing the glut of drums on the market today, but to offer consumers a very well built drum without taking more wood out of Africa or Indonesia. Many of the drums Leo has for sale are repaired and reconditioned after being kept by a previous owner, or they have arrived from abroad needing repairs and were essentially un-sellable before Leo did his majic.

In the case of Balafons, there simply is very few places where people interested in them can go to find a good quality, professionally tuned instrument. Leo hopes to make Treefrog Percussion a premier source for these instruments.

Please check out some samples of instruments we have had in the past on the pages linked below, as well as what is available now in The Store.