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Dugamuns (Kids Drums)
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A dundun set made in 2005 and sold to South Branch Elementary in Keptville, ON

When road crews were tearing up streets in Leo's neighborhood he carefully examined end cuts of the new PVC water main the they were installing. Hypothesizing that they would make excellent drums, he acquired a 15” by 24” piece to test his hypothesis. His first dundun was built in 2001 and he still uses it today.

Leo will make dunduns out of anything. He has made dozens of PVC drums and several drums from steel oil drums. He has even begun making shells for dunduns from hardwood staves. He is practiced in both traditional rope-only skinning technique and rope-and-rings technique.

All Treefrog Percussion dunduns are skinned with cowhide and covered with fabric imported from West Africa (wooden drums remain uncovered). Many fabric designs are available - Leo is always on the lookout for patterns that would make good drums. Drums can be ordered individually or in sets.

Folding pine stands for these drums are also available. These very sturdy stands store and travel well.

PVC Dundun Prices (measurements are approximate)

Dundunba - 15" Diameter by 30" long $450
Sangban - 12" Diameter by 24" long $250
Kenkeni - 10" Diameter by 20" long $200
Folding Pine Stand - width varies according to drum, 32" tall $50

Hardwood Sangbans - 12" diameter by 24" long - $350

A dundunba/Sangban set
with custom stand.

Some Facts about Treefrog Percussion Dunduns:

• While PVC makes for surprizingly sonorous drums, it is very heavy. A large Dundunba can be nearly 30 lbs. These drums are best for situations where they don't get moved much.

• The skin on dunduns must remain moist on both ends while the drum is being put together. Leo works without pause for about 4 1/2 hours to skin a large dundun so the skins don't dry out.

• One cow skin can usually cover 2 entire sets of dunduns. With 2 Dundunbas, Sangbans, and Kenkenis, that's 12 heads! Leo prefers the skin of young holsteins (black and white dairy cows).

Here are some samples of my favorite drums from years past. Dunduns do not have serial numbers, and are usually made to order rather than being part of a large run of drums. Check back soon for photos of the new hardwood sangbans being made in 2007.

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