Djembe carvers in Conakry, Guinea

For the last few years, Leo has been acquiring a limited number of drum shells from Africa, most notably Guinea, and mounting the skins on them here. Because of the higher quality rope and rings available in Canada, these drums often turn out better than their African counterparts. Because of complicated issues such as deforestation and exploitation of workers in Africa for the djembe trade, Leo is striving to get to a point where the imported drums he brings in directly benefit his friends and colleagues in Guinea. If you are thinking of getting an imported instrument, make sure to check what we have first.  The drums are unconditionally warranteed (except skins), and are mounted with an exceptional attention to detail. Wherever possible, the providence of the drum is also known, as Leo knows reputable impoters of drums.

A gallery of favourite imported drums from recent months and years past.

Drum 1

Drum 2
Drum 3
Drum 4
Drum 5
Drum 6
Drum 7
Shaker 8
Drum 9
Drum 10
Drum 11
Drum 12
Drum 13
Drum 14
Drum 15
Drum 16