A gorgeous example of one of Leo's reconditioned and western tuned Balafons

Leo met and studied with two fantastic balafon teachers in Guinea and Mali. He has been trying to support them further by selling Balafons made by them to students and other local musicians. These instruments are sent to Canada, where Leo will re-check them and tune them to C major when requested. (A-440 at 20° Celsius). You will never find a balafon of this quality in a music store – these are outstanding instruments made by members of Griot families who have been making balafons for generations. 

A Balafon directly from Africa will cost you at least $300, but even the very best exported instruments need adjusting here. Traditional tunings are great if you are playing traditionally, but for any situation where youmay be blending balafons with other instruments (including other balafons), having the instrument tuned to C major concert pitch (A=440) is practically essential. Leo does this and will also add re-enforcements to the frame to prevent sagging over time and re-position all the gourds. This work requires a near complete teardown and rebuild of the instrument. As such, Treefrog Percussion Balafons are priced between $600 and $700. But it is worth it. Leo stands behind these instruments 100%.

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A Gallery of Balafons Leo has repaired. These instruments are all tuned to C Major, A=440

Balafon photo 1

Balafon photo 2
Balafon photo 3
Balafon photo 4
Balafon photo 5
Balafon photo 6
Balafon photo 7
Balafon photo 8