Step 2

It is best to tighten the drum while sitting in a firm chair. The drum should be laying on the ground in front of you, perpendicular, skin side out. It's best if the drum is on a soft surface like carpet. Wear soft soled shoes (or go barefoot). You will want to put your feet on the drum to steady it as in the photo above. Don't be shy. Put your feet on your drum.

Tuck the tightening rope under the next two available vertical (tension) ropes to the right. For the first row of horizontal weave you will put in, it should be pretty obvious (like the photo above). It gets a bit trickier once you go all the way around the drum and start a second row, but there will be another series of photos for that later. Once you have put it under the next two verticals, pull all the slack through. Pull the slack through near the top of the drum where there is more room for it to pass and it will be easier. Once you have all the slack through, pull the weave rope firmly TOWARDS you. DO NOT try to pull it to the right. The drum is round and it will try to roll away from you. Get the horizontal rope as close to the collar ring of the drum as you can.